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Rows & Expanding Rows

Rows are incredibly flexible and can contain any elements within them. They can have color, image or video backgrounds. They also support standard and full-width content.

Standard Row with image background and left-to-right slant top style.

Standard Row with video background.



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    Hessian Bags

    Made from Jute Hessian Cloth, Jute Hessian Bags are an environment-friendly option for storing various agricultural products. Plain Jute Hessian bags are totally bio-degradable and easily blend with the environment. These bags, after chemical treatment are made rot proof so that they can withstand moisture and sun, for a longer period of time.
    Sizes Available as per buyers' requirement
    Sewing Herackle and Overhead (safety sewing optional)
    Color Natural, Semi Brite Full Brite, Bleached & Dyed
    Branding upto 3 colors
    Packing 500 - 1000 bags flat orx
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    Twill Sacking Bags

    Twill Jute sacks commonly known as Jute Sacking Bags, are mainly used to pack rice, wheat, sugar, coffee bean, cocoa bean, peeper, shelled nuts and other bulky grain products, generally packing capacity for a weight range from 50 to 100 kg.
    Binnola 44" X 26.5" 2.00 lbs
    B.Twill 44" X 26.5" 2.25 lbs
    L.Twill 44" X 26.5" 2.50 lbs
    A.Twill 44" X 26.5" 2.62 lbs
    Sacking Cloth * 22" X 30" 11-24 ozs
    Corn Sack 41" X 31 " 1.75 - 2.15 lbs
    Cement Bag 29" X 20 " 1.25 lbs
    Coffee Bag ** 36" X 28" 2.00 lbs
    Grain Sack 60" X 30 " 3.25 lbs
    Sugar Bag 48" X 28" 2.50 lbs
    * Plain & Twill ** As per buyer's requirement. Untreated coffee bags available.
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    Hessian Cloth (Burlap)

    Jute Hessian also termed as Burlap is a finer quality jute fabric that has been long used as the most preferred packaging material for all kinds of goods.
    Width 4lbs. to 28lbs.
    Weight 5 - 14 oz./sq.yd
    Color Natural, Semi Brite Full Brite, Bleached & Dyed
    Packing 700 - 2000 yds / bale or in a roll


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