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Jute Twine & Yarn

Jute Twine & Yarn

Jute Twine is tough thread twisted of two or more smaller strands of yarn. Used extensively both in India and abroad for sewing, tying, and for a variety of industrial applications, the yarn is now a major component of export item. Most of the single ply yarn is consumed by the jute mill itself, whereas other grades are consumed in the domestic and export market.

Count 4lbs. to 28lbs.
Ply 1 to 5 Ply
Quality CB, CRT, CRM, Hessian, Sacking – Jute Yarn & Twine
Make-up Wooden, Plastic & Paper Tubes (Parallel / Conical Spools)
Coreless Tubes
Corelss Balls
Pallets, Truss, Hanks / Reels packed in Bales
Winding Both Precision & Mackroll
Joints Spliced, Latex, Regular Knots & Staggered Knots
Scanning Computerised scanning and measured length
Packing Pallet, Carton, Truss & Coils
Color Dyed & Bleached available

Jute is a natural bast fibre with good spinable character. Two major manufactured products from jute fibre are – Jute Yarn & Jute Twine.

Jute twine is a light string or strong thread composed of two or more smaller strands or jute yarns twisted together. Jute twine (twisted yarns) is a 100% biodegradable and pollution free natural packaging material.

Jute yarn and twine, spun from raw jute fibre used for weaving, knitting of various types of jute fabrics. About 90% of jute fibre spun into yarn for fabrics. Fine jute yarn is very essential for the production of diversified jute goods. Our jute yarn and jute twine are very popular for its quality and softness.

Jute yarn is spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, jute yarns have single or multiple ply. It is usually bleached, dyed, processed to serve various purposes. Various dimensions of Jute fibre plied together to make jute yarn or jute twines / jute string or jute thread, ropes etc as per requirement and use. These are use for the purpose of tying, knotting, binding, etc particularly for agricultural commodities.

The types of jute yarn / twine manufactured can be classified according to the application or use to which they are put ie, fine yarns, hessian yarns, carpet, sacking yarns, etc. These yarns can be further classified into warp and weft yarns, the warp yarns normally being superior to the weft yarns as they have to withstand the cycles of stress during weaving while the weft yarns act more as filler and undergo less strain during weaving process.
We offer single or multi ply jute yarn or jute twine. Our yarns have the durability, are eco-friendly, have high tensile strength and above all cost effective.

We manufacture and export jute twine and jute yarns which are available in various specifications to suit customer needs.