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Soil Savers & Ground Covers

Soil Savers & Ground Covers

Jute matting is often referred to as Geo-Jute, Jute Erosion Cloth, Jute Anti-Wash, Jute Mesh or Jute Netting. Originally, developed over 50 years ago by Ludlow Mills, its creators branded it “Soil Saver”.

Types Single Sided (SS) & Double Sided (DS) needle punched felt
Width 54″
Thickness 1/4″ & 3/8′
Packing 25yds./roll
Width 1.22m
Weight 610gms/m
Warp 6.5ends/10cm
Weft 4.5ends/10cm
Packing 600 – 900m/bale

Today, Jute “Soil Saver” is still the only 100% biodegradable, renewable and sustainable erosion control fabric available. Its loosely woven natural fiber retains moisture, enhancing seed germination while stabilizing seed and soil on slopes during heavy rains.

This economical and earth- friendly material is great for stabilizing small areas around the house or multiple acres of excavated slopes.